Logical Volume Manager


  • LVM paritions system type has hex code 8E
  • Under /etc/lvm are the LVM configurations


Create physical volumes

Show physical volumes

Create volume group

Show volume groups

Extend volume group

Create logical volume named lv1 in volume group vg1 with 10G space

Show logical volumes

Now we can see the logical volume named lv1 in /dev/vg1

Create filesystem on the logical volume

Mount filesystem

Extend logical volume lv1 with 3G

Extend als filesystem on logical volume

Create 5G snapshot named lv1-ss1 of logical volume lv1

The snapshot volume is now located at /dev/vg1/lb1-ss1, we can mount it and recover files

To remove snapshot, make sure that snapshot is not mounted and deactivated (with lvchange -an, -ay is for activate the logical volume (shanpshot))