Create Postfix Relay Server

Postfix Relay Server


  • postfix.dmz.local ⇒ Postfix Server, located in DMZ
  • myexchange.lan.local ⇒ Internal Exchange Server, located in LAN



Configure transport_maps to relay all mails for domain to the internal mail server myexchange.lan.local

Create Postfix lookup table for transport_maps

Rebuild also the data base for the mail aliases file, to avoid error messages from Postfix

Start Postfix

Custom Accesslist

Add check_sender_access to smtpd_recipient_restrictions parameter

Active Directory LDAP Check

To reject unknow users directly in postfix we need to query the active directory for valid mail addresses. You can do it with the ldap support of postfix, but I prefere to do the lookups on local site with a perl script and cronjob.

I add some code to create the postmap file with the perl script:



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