Create High-Available Loadbalancer with Pacemaker

Overview Loadbalancer


Read first: Installing Pacemaker and Corosync

  • lb1 => Cluster Node A
  • lb2 => Cluster Node B
  • web1 => Webserver 1,
  • web2 => Webserver 2,
  • web3 => Webserver 3,
  • web4 => Webserver 4,


Install ldirectord


Enable ip forwarding

Reload parameters

Remove ldirectord from init.d because Pacemaker will mange it

Configure virtual and real servers

Create a dummy network card with the virtual IP on each real webserver

Configure arp settings on each real webserver


Create the negotiate page on on each real webserver

Integration in Pacemaker

Create virtual ip and ldirectord resource


Now you can check the ldirector status with