Create High-Available DRBD Device with Pacemaker


Please read first Installing Pacemaker and Corosync


Install DRBD on lb1 and lb2


Edit DRBD global configuration on lb1

Create DRBD resource on lb1

Copy DRBD configuration and resource from lb1 to lb2

Create drbd metadata for resource data on lb1 and lb2

Start DRBD on lb1 and lb2

Promote lb1 to master, this will overwrite the drbd data on lb2

Check the process of synchronisation on lb1

Create filesystem on resource data on lb1

Mount device to test and umount it on node1 Finaly create on lb1 and lb2 the mount directory

Create same mountpoint on secondary node on lb2

Stop DRBD and remove it from init.d on lb1 and lb2

Integration in Pacemaker

Use the Cluster Resource Manager tool to create and manage cluster resources on lb1 or lb2

Go to the configuration section with

Configure DRBD resource

Configure DRBD Master/Slave

Configure filesystem mountpoint

Configure group (for future resources)

Configure colocations

Configure order

Configure location for lb1

Commit changes

Configuration overview

Exit the configuration section

Show status

Exit Cluster Resource Manager

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