Debian Jessie Hyper-V

The Hyper-V modules are already integrated:

We just need to install the 4.2 Kernel and the Hyper-V Daemons for KVP, VSS and FCOPY integration.

Add jessie backports:

Install kernel and hyper-v daemons:


After the reboot you should see the daemons running:

The KVP daemon need also aditional shell scripts, create these scripts to /usr/bin:

Testing the Hyper-V Tools

To test the KVP functionality run this script here on the Hyper-V host:

To test the fcopy functionality copy a file from the Hyper-V host to the VM, use powershell on the Hyper-V host (Debian8VM is the VM):

On the VM you should see now the test.txt file located in the /tmp/ directory

To test the VSS functionality use the wbadmin backup tool with powershell on the Hyper-V host (Debian8VM ist the VM):

CentOS Hyper-V

Backup with VSS

Install Debian Squeeze Kernel Hyper-V Modules from Backports

Add Debian Backports to your apt source list:

Update package list:

Install kernel version 3.2

Boot now with the 3.2 kernel and you have all Hyper-V module loaded

Driver ‘pcspkr’ on Linux Hyper-V VM

This message appears while booting Debian on a Hyper-V host:

pcspkr is the PC-Speaker driver:

We don’t need it on a Hyper-V VM, you can disable it and the error message is gone:

Debian Wheezy Hyper-V

Debian Wheezy uses the 3.2 Linux kernel, you don’t need to use any modified kernel to run the integrated Hyper-V components, because all Hyper-V modules are already integrated in the 3.2 kernel:

Hyper-V Daemons

Get hyper-v daemons source from or get it from my mirror:

Start daemons

Now you can try to start a vss backup, you should see the following message in syslog

Finish the installation